Why Us?

When Lio Collection in 2005 decided to move the business to Bali, Indonesia, we managed to create a multicultural team where our competent, friendly and always smiling Indonesian support team makes sure that the day-to-day operation of Lio Collection is managed with precision and absolute attention to the detail regarding quality check, handling, labelling, packing, and fumigation.  Altogether our team makes sure that our customers always receive their products on time while still meeting their customer demands with a high level of quality and service. 

Meanwhile our management team, located in Denmark and Greece ensures close contact and communication with our European customers serving their needs and demands.


Unlike many others in the B2B business, we give you the opportunity to mix items within a container exactly as you wish. In other words, we don’t work with a Minimum Of Quantity (MOQ), which makes the process much easier for you and not at least it minimizes the uncertainty. 



In short, we makes your job easy, we are the only supplier you need in Indonesia, a true one-stop-supplier. It dosen't matter if you need a mix container or if you are looking for high quantity at a very competitive price. We are there for you all the way.

That is why you should choose to us!

Through dialogue and face-to-face communication, we believe the best result is obtained. Therefore we gladly visit you or welcome you to the tropical island of Bali, showing you our office, products, showrooms and factories of Lio Collection.
— We Value..

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