Our Story

Lio Collection is a family business, founded by Christos Vassilios Liokouras. Together with his cross-cultural team and over 40 years of experience, Christos has been able to make Lio Collection a very well-known and respected indoor and outdoor furniture as well as interior company.

In Lio Collection, We specialize in exporting a mixed assortment of furniture and interior products from Indonesia to restaurants, hotels, retailers and wholesale customers in more than 40 countries.

Christos started his career as an employee at a furniture company, in Denmark. As time passed by, Christos realized that he and his family could do better and manage a furniture company themself. And so they did and made their dream come true. As a result of hard work and effort they managed to build a successful and respected business worldwide.

In 2005 Christos and his team decided to move the business to the creative island of Bali, Indonesia in order to expand the business with our own furniture factories but also to simplify the business by only offering the best of Indonesian furniture and interior products in terms of quality, design and authenticity. As a result of this initiative, Lio Collection became a respected and well-known, high-class furniture and interior company.

Lio Collection (Christos) even reached the point of being called "The Rattan and Bamboo King of Europe”. 

Lio Collection does not only offer rattan and bamboo furniture but also a wide range of indoor and outdoor antique, classic, and modern furniture as well as interior such as mirrors, candlesticks, creative paintings, exquisite handicrafts, beautiful lamps, stones, and wood carvings.

"Making dreams come true is not about how hard you work, it’s about putting your life and heart in to it.”



In Lio Collection we have a mission to deliver high-quality products combined with competitive prices and the highest level of customer service. 

With our motto; "Customer Satisfaction is always number one" Lio Collection have always been and will always be dedicated to giving our customers the best possible service - Why? 

Because it is not only our job it is our life. 

We are looking forward to doing business with you,
Christos and his team in Lio Collection


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